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It assumed there would be thousands however there is no point in any of the series where any exact numbers are discussed.

Well let's do the assuming: in one DS9 episode they talk about 20k dominion warships, and that they're outnumbered 2:1 (if i remember correctly), so they had at least 10k ships. I'm not sure if that included allied ships as well, and i doubt anyways that they used every available ship for that battle. In many sources you can see a number of at least 1.2k+ active Akira Class vessels and many more by other classes of course, so i would say overall there are around 15 to 20k ships that are ready for battle, like Centaur / E1 / Miranda, or better(!). Now add the hundreds, more like thousands, of outposts, spacedocks, starbases, and so on, including all their shuttle- / fighter crafts, runabouts, (worker bees,) and so on, plus the ships for other purposes (medical, scientific) with limited weaponary. 14:36, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

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