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A pound of prevention is worf an ounce of cure.

There's not fat ppl cause everyone is active and eats right. The only reason obesity is genetic, is if you descended from other lazy over eaters...


Only the non-obese think that obese persons can be not obese simply through diet and exercise, because it is their experience that they had the fortune to be non-obese, but can develop a mild muffin top if they overeat and don't exercise. Truly obese persons known that this thinking is the product of ignorant minds, not open to the human condition beyond their shortsightedness. Even in instances where the obese are able to minimize their obesity, the non-obese still laugh at their body shape. To them, anything other than a bikini body is unacceptable.

Of course in Star Trek they also claim to have cured the common cold, cancer and numerous genetic diseases. Regardless of the cause of obesity (hormonal imbalance, genetic heredity, etc.) it can be assumed that the cause is treatable. Also consider that Star Trek is based on a military vessel, all members would be required to maintain minimum levels of fitness. Any untreatable conditions that a person may have might preclude enlistment in Starfleet.

This is where Star Trek mirrors modern-day attitudes. Hatred of the obese remains socially acceptable. Non-obese persons cannot understand what it is like because they do not live in obese bodies--all the non-obese know is they don't have to worry about it, and this must be true for obese persons too, so they must be massively overconsuming food in order to become obese, by a specific choice. You tend to see a lot of public places where the obese avoid for various reasons. Thus it seems like there are no obese persons, although this is not true.

The replicators probably have protocols in place to prevent people from ordering 5 Big Macs and stuffing them in their food hole all within an hour.

It could be. We've never heard anything about a prohibition on food replicators producing items that are addictive or nutritionally harmful. In fact on multiple occasions, we have seen food replicators used to produce all manner of "junk food". I would think such a protocol would be effected as to a specific member of the crew, by the medical department, in recognition of some type of mental disorder involving compulsion.

I assume that you are non-obese, and as such in all likelihood do not have personal knowledge through ongoing association with an obese person, but instead rely on stereotypes depicted in movies such as Supersize Me. It is not that what is depicted in that movie is untrue; there are obese persons that conduct themselves in this manner. Many of them simply do not know any better, or despair in their lives to the point of ambivalence.

You should be aware, though, that many obese persons, particularly ones of higher socio-economic order, do not conduct themselves in this manner. These obese persons simply have had the genetic misfortune to a tendency to obesity, resulting in a gluteal and abdomenal morphology that is esthetically unacceptable. A prominent example is Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ).

For some persons, obviously other than yourself, it becomes very difficult to consume fewer calories or kilojoules than are expended by that person, due to a very low threshold, characterized by metabolic variance between persons. The occurrence of obesity as a social phenomenon is as esthetically displeasing to medical scientists as it is to anyone else, and thus tends to confuse persons experiencing this revulsion, as to this fact.

Obesity as a disease continues to confound medical science. As a result, the root metabolic cause cannot be treated directly. It can only be indirectly affected through what is often a risky surgical rearrangement of the alimentary tract. This surgery often has debilitating side effects, such as constant severe diarrhea, gall bladder disease, or even fatal peritonitis. Many persons who have suffered the life misfortune to be obese simply do not want to take the attendant risks that arise from major surgery such as this.

And, it has been theorized that, as with many other diseases, twenty-fourth-century medicine has easily "cured" obesity, and has eliminated its occurrence.

All of the same things that motivate a non-obese person motivate an obese person. The differences of fact and of perception between non-obese persons and obese persons are akin to those between persons of diverse racial variance, and who lack appropriate insight.

Can you imagine an obese person wearing a Starfleet uniform? Blech!

Simple. In the future, people are smarter and make better decisions and don't blame others when they make bad ones. Oh and Starfleet, like the current armed forces has physical training. Since fatties can't do much, they won't get far. And look at the jefferies tubes, can you see a chubby officer climbing around one, hed get stuck.

Just to be clear, we're only talking about humans right? Starfleet is made of of individuals from may diverse cultures. What maybe considered obese to some may be perfectly healthy to others. ( Have you ever seen a Tellerite, talk about fat.)

Now there is an interesting point. Pakleds are generally 'fat' by a human standard but it seems quite normal for their species.

There's a difference between "blaming others" and ascribing a situation to circumstances beyond one's control, or to what some would see as divine providence. In fact, once there is an examination of and elimination of a person's conduct as the causative factor in their suffering from the disease, blaming the obese for being obese is similar to blaming those bound to a wheelchair for being bound to a wheelchair, and the difficulties it causes.

Seating with more spacing between armrests are becoming more common, and thus evident. Due to the lack thereof in most public places, obese persons are effectively excluded from all manner of public places, because they are not accomodated therein. These include theatres, auditoriums, restaurants, classrooms, and other places of public accomodation--which are, in fact, "places of accomodation for certain, non-obese, members of the public". Again, because obese persons are not seen in these places as a result, your ignorance of this reality leads you to the erroneous pretense that obese persons do not exist. It is segregation for the twenty-first century.

In countries more politically and socially progressive than the United States, blaming the design of commercial aircraft seating as a justification for excluding obese persons from boarding and seating on a commercial aircraft does not occur, because it is unlawful. In Canada, for instance, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that it is unlawful for airlines operating in Canadian airspace to deny boarding to obese persons, or to fail to provide obese passengers with a second adjacent seat, or to charge obese persons additional fare for passage.

Overcoming hatred of the obese is similar to overcoming invidious discrimination based on race. It takes a long time.

First of all, there's no proof that there are 'no obese people in the Trek Verse'. There are no obese people in Starfleet, however, because as at least one other person has noted, it's a military organization. The military, no matter how utopian the society, will keep their troops and officers in very good physical condition.

Now, one could argue that not all characters are in Starfleet, and yet they all seem to conform to the 'pretty people' look. Well, let's analyse that for a moment. The guest stars in, say, TNG were most-often supposed to be inventors, adventurers, aliens, or some combination thereof. These are the sort of people who are quite active themselves, or have extra-terrestrial biology to blame it on. In DS9, they were more of the same, except even more so. There were untold hordes headed through the wormhole every day!

Speaking from experience, if one has a large amount of extra weight to carry around, one simply does not go for these sorts of activities. They sit at home and watch whatever's on the Holo-vid. And you know why? Because the mere thought of joining up for the army is fricken' exhausting. And if I lived in a society where all my basic needs would be met, and I only had to work if I really wanted to? Shyeah. I'd stay in all day, and mess around on my PS-3000.

These are not people who make for interesting stories. Therefore, it logically follows that the people who do go out and have adventures, have a good deal of energy to spare. You know what creates a lot of energy? A high metabolism. That keeps the pounds off in a, if you'll pardon the pun, BIG way.

I would also like to point out evidence of at least one jolly fat guy living on Earth. When Harry Kim was kidnapped (again) and made to think that he was back on Earth, one of the people conjured up for his benefit was a guy who owned a restaurant, or a cafe, or something. Harry definitely knew who he was, enough so to call him by name, and recognized him on sight. Therefore, somewhere in San Francisco, there's a fat guy running his business.

Aside from what was said about starfleet being a military organization, id imagine quality of food would be a factor. The "obesity epidemic" in america today is caused only partly by lethargic lifestyles. Another major factor is that food is america is full of artificial chemicals, preservatives, who knows what other crap that our bodies can't digest properly, leading to obesity in people who try to eat right and exercise. I'd imagine in the future, with technology like climate control and replication, food would be natural and pure- meat would not be pumped full of hormones, fruits and veggies would not be covered in pesticides, etc. Food production, storage, distribution would all be made simple through advanced technology, as opposed to additives to the food itself to increase their shelflife and resistance to the elements.


Uhm, Scotty? 14:59, January 6, 2012 (UTC)

What about that guy who was told to "square his ass away and start shitting tiffany cufflinks"? Wouldn't that cause some kind of trauma to his O-ring? Does not the ordering the shitting of tiffany cufflinks, a process known through common sense to be impossible, constitute a recognition thereto as to the true nature of obesity?

And, in Ivan Reitman's recruiting-commercial film for the U.S. armed forces, titled Stripes, John Candy's character, Dewey Oxberger, was quite obese. The movie clearly suggests that obese persons are welcome in the military. —Preceding unsigned comment added by ProfessorTrek (talkcontribs)

Would you please stop this nonsense. We have repeatedly explained why we don't see obese people on Star Trek, nobody has said that anyone in the future is being hypocritically prejudice against obese people. Nobody is being prejudice here except you. So stop complaining.-Cpthunt (talk) 19:28, September 24, 2012 (UTC)

Indeed, Professor. This has drifted from a Star Trek question into a general discussion about how obese persons are treated in society today. This is not the forum for such discussion and I again urge you to find an appropriate forum for what you want to do. If necessary, I can help you do so with another block. 31dot (talk) 19:41, September 24, 2012 (UTC)

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