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Otherwise Worf would have found a need to use the ancient rite of P'tlah in which he would honorably rip apart the lowliest officer, Wesley Crusher, limb from limb. Later he would take great delight in whittling Wesley's bones into knife handles. Which would bring great dishonor to the Ensign's memory. When asked why he had done this, Worf tells the Captain, 'Hak etla'k aksikahtilyk p'tak!' and Picard agrees, 'Yes, he WAS quite an insufferable brat. Well done Worf.'The character of Wesley Crusher was not well liked by the fan base, and from the Wesley centered episodes it does seem there was not a great deal of interesting stories there. The end of Crusher where he goes off with the Traveller is probably his finest moment, as he finally does something interesting, rather than be a bit of a robot marching to the academy.At the time, Wheaton was being offered movie roles, which, as long as he was on TNG as a regular, he could not take. This is why he left TNG.

The "academy" remark is an interesting comment, given Riker's reverence toward his Starfleet Academy diploma in ST:TNG "Conundrum". Only losers start college, and then walk away before graduation.


"Are you ready for the kind of death you've earned, little man?" -- Lore, ST:TNG "Datalore"

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