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I think the issue has been its worth compared to gold-pressed latinum. Probably because gold can be replicated.

simple economics, if you can create something from nothing at little cost, then it's value is reduced as you dilute the market. So it really comes down to just being a simple element that can be mixed into a lot of different roles. Starfleet comm badges are made of gold.

Actually, the view on Gold varies throughout the series'. Looking at the Ferengi, they call the Starfleet comm badges (made of a gold) "a despicable use of a valuable metal". They could of been lying though, if you look at the episode. [TNG: The Last Outpost]

In one DS9 episode, Quark finds Gold instead of promised Latinum bars. He then starts basically crying about it and saying "there's only useless gold here!".

Actually, gives sums that up pretty well too.

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