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I guess what I'm really trying to understand is, Kirk generally always said "You have the con", as meaning "You have the bridge," but by TNG they seemed to use CONN exclusively as flight control. In an early episode where few people remained on board (perhaps the one with the bynars but I can't recall), Picard said "It's been a long time since I had the CONN.." Which would indicate that by TNG con, or CONN, almost never meant control of the bridge, because obviously Picard's had control of the bridge thousands of times. So why the change?

    • Specific to the above-- Picard (and Janeway for that matter ) does say you have the conn, as well as the more common you have the bridge to avoid confusion with the conn station. Kirks era had seperate helm and navigation (together with the command chair was collectively called the command module) did not need to make that distinction. In either case, whether directlly or from the centre seat depending on context, it means responsible for guiding the ship.

CONN has multiple meanings, both in Trek and in real Naval terminology. The CONN station on either a Navy ship or a starship is the Helm,in TOS it refers to both the Helm and Navigation stations, but in TNG and later, the functions of these are combined into one helm station, which is often referred to as CONN.

CONN is also used to refer to command of the ship or the bridge in general ("Mr. Data, you have the CONN") this is in reference to old naval tradition where the commander of the ship actually manned the helm. In TOS helm and navigation were two interelated but separate stations. Due to advances in computers the process is automated to the point a single officer can navigate and pilot the ship. Conn is derived from a word meaning to steer or direct a ship.Cpthunt 05:08, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

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