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No Borg, with the exception of the one known as Hugh, has a name but a designation based on their specific place in their Unimatrix.

--Hugh had a designation. Third of Five. His "name" was given to him by Geordi.

  • the Borg Queen does not have a numeric designation -the Borg Queen's designation is one of one-
  • Locutus was given a name so that he could better facilitate the integration of Humanity into the collective. -Cpthunt 19:29, May 26, 2011 (UTC)
  • And of course, Locutus is Latin for 'Speaker'.
  • Later on in the prime Star Trek universe, according to the game "Star Trek Online" anyway, more Borg were changed in the same way Locutus was. According to the game they are basically the Borg Queen's puppets [ doing the dirty work for her after she got killed twice or more trying to do stuff]. They could also be interpreted as the Borg version of Diplomats/Ambassadors. Of course, this makes no sense with the Borg.
  • Borg only have names if they are given partial individuality back by the Queen, or full individuality back by others (Hugh, for example).

The Borg in "Descent" have names given to them by an external source. The only Borg to have a name is Locutus, who was named because the Borg Queen wanted a more personal relationship with him (and implied intimacy, according to First Contact).

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