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because it wasnt cheesyThe intro music had to have something to do with it. It was simply AWFUL. Obviously the producers realized this, since there was a slightly speedier version used in seasons 3 & 4, but it was still nothing like the themes of past series.It took a lot of established contacts, places times etc, and threw them out the window to "make the series fit" for example off the top of my head, first contact with the ferengi, <est. in TNG> it was something to do with fandom. also people kept complaining about phase pistols sre the same thing as phasers and worf said there were no phaser in the 22-century. the said stuff like that and possibly one of the reasons people hated Enterprise. in my opinion Enterprise was one of my favorite series


The so called "failure" of Enterprise had more to do with the inept marking department and the infighting between Paramount, CBS, and Viacom than with the actual show itself. Even William Shatner said that the corporation was determined to kill off the show forever because there were executives who hated Star Trek. That and being tied to the dying UPN. In hundreds of major television markets in the United States, UPN had already been replaced by the WB. To compensate, the UPN feed for Enterprise (complete with UPN's commercials) was run on affiliate stations or the CBS channel after the Late Show (usually on Friday night/Saturday morning). However, Enterprise on CBS was often preempted by infomercials or wrestling. This haphazard showing of Enterprise caused particullar problems during the third season because of the season long story arc. Just like TiVo and internet viewers do not count toward the ratings today, back then those who watched Enterprise on an affiliate or CBS channel did not cout toward the ratings. Tens, perhaps even hundreds, of milliions of potential viewers in large cities across the USA did not get to see Enterprise until it was shown on the SCIFI (SyFy) channel long after Enterprise had already been canceled. Admiral William Thomas Riker 22:10, July 26, 2011 (UTC)


I don't hate Enterprise, in fact, I find it quite intersting.


It's hard to write a good prequel. Like the first post said, a lot of continuity and consistancy was wrecked (whether intentionally, unintentionally, or negligently). IMO, it lacked most of the charm and the Star Trek feel of the other series; even though it had its own appeal, it never really felt like Star Trek to me. It was a pretty good sci-fi show, but the second post's rundown of the politics explains (very well, bravo!) why it never got a fair chance. Personally, I was also irritated at the blatent use of sex appeal (mostly by T'pol showing a lot of flesh) to make up for flagging ratings; I'm a red blooded American with a Y chromosome, but that was low-brow sleaze in a family show, and associate it with "jumping the shark".


I do not believe the word "hate" is applicable at all. Profoundly disappointed? Yes. Hate? No.

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