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There was an out of control fire on the ship at this point. Ideally, they needed to abandon ship. However, if they had done that with the Ferengi ship out there, the Ferengi would have destroyed their escape shuttles. So, Picard had to remove the Ferengi from the equation before they could safely abandon the Stargazer. If they had run, the Ferengi would have just followed and blown them to bits when they stopped to abandon ship. So, Picard did what he had to, he destroyed the Ferengi ship, thus allowing them to safely abandon the Stargazer.


Perhaps the Ferengi ship was thought to be just a bit faster and it would have overtook the Stargazer.

The maneuver was performed at Warp 1, not Warp 9.


No, it was performed at maximum warp, (presumably, warp 9) not warp 1.

The Picard Maneuver can only be accomplished at high warp. At warp 1, the Stargazer would have traveled just as fast as the light that the Ferengi ship's sensors detected and it wouldn't fool them. At high warp, you can reach you opponent while the light from where you were is still going to them, making you appear in two places at once. It's possible that the Stargazer's warp drive could have sustained high warp for a few seconds, but not long enough to get out of the system.

Strictly speaking, the effect would work at any warp speed significantly faster then warp one.  Even warp two, at 10c would probably be sufficient, but, the faster the jump, the longer the time delay before the light catches up with your ship, and thus the longer it is apparently duplicated.  As to why Picard chose this risky maneuver rather then retreat; his ship was damaged, the bridge was on fire, it might not have survived a longer warp jump, or worse a running battle with the mystery aggressor, and as mentioned, abandoning ship while the enemy is still intact is an even less attractive option.-Cpthunt (talk) 07:21, March 22, 2013 (UTC)

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