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5Riker, he's younger, taller, stronger, and he is trained to fight, a part for that one with the nausicans, I don't think Picard ever got into hand-to-hand combat, if they were armed with melen weapons, it would be reversed.

^^ Yup, Picard and Riker fighting with "melens" sounds like the making of a classic episode......

Remember how picard got his ass kicked against Soran? yup, that's what Riker would do...


Remember the knock-down-drag-out in the alley between Nada and Frank in They Live? It'd be like that ProfessorTrek 02:36, August 19, 2011 (UTC)

thumb|300px|rightDare I say it...? Okay, Roddy Piper is....Canadian!

Aw, damn. He was one of my favorites. Those Canadians sneek up on you when you're not looking. (HA HA) Just kidding.

I'm not a wrestling fan, butI loved the movie They Live. I watched it just a few weeks ago. Kind of makes you think about those folks in the Occupy Walstreet protest. 80's movies are cool.

Roddy Piper was also in a Highlander episode. Admiral William Thomas Riker 03:42, October 16, 2011 (UTC)

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