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In an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation entitled Q-Who is the actual 1st appearance of a 'new threat to The Federation' Known as The Borg--the Episode writing Credits are attributed to Maurice Hurley so one must assume he is most likely the 'creator of the technologically superior half cybernetic/machine type being'. Cheers Traxman:

The Queen states they were once a race of humanoid species similar to humans or vulcans. They began to slowly experiment with technological adaptation such as replacement of a hand here, addition of a organ there, and eventually after a long period in time, the race known as the borg emerged. However, as they no longer reproduced, and grew more due to assimilation, it is very likely that none of the original being still exist in the collective. The Borg were around at least in the 14th Century where they only controlled a handfull of systems.

In ST:TNG "Q Who", Guinan says that the Borg are made up of organic and artificial life, which has been developing for thousands of centuries. That doesn't speak to whether there was a sole creator of the Borg, but it suggests an evolutionary timeline. Guinan's knowlege probably arises from the El-Aurians' special extra-perception of space-time ProfessorTrek 07:26, August 8, 2011 (UTC)

Guinan's knowledge actually probably comes from the fact that her planet and most of the El-Aurians were destroyed by the Borg.

>>So the Borg said to El-Aurians: "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. We are made up of organic and artificial life that has been developing for thousands of centuries." ? Is that how she came by this knowledge?

>>>You must also consider that El-Aurians are extremely long lived, and they are a race of listeners. From this it would seem probable that they would have heard stories about the Borg long before their world was assimilated.
Maybe. Makes sense to me. But you said her knowledge arose from the fact of her people having been assimilated by the Borg.
Going by the novel Lost Souls, 4527 BC, and it was a human I believe. So, in a way, their wanting to get to Earth could be seen as the lost human from NX-02 Columbia wanting to get back home to their family.

(4527 BCE) After eight days of hiking, the remaining humans returned to Junk Mountain, where they hoped to find the Caeliar alive and still willing to merge with them. However, once there, they found Mantilis apparently empty, although the Caeliar had simply lost the ability to maintain physical cohesion. Sedín - now reduced to a state of pure hunger - possessed all three of them, with Graylock's final thought that “I won't be...won't“ -Borg. Once Sedín had control over the humans, she realized the female was most precious, and only required one male, so she had Thayer and Graylock kill and eat Pembleton for sustenance. She then instructed them to sleep. Some time later, a mining crew of Kindir native to the planet Arehaz landed on the island; some searching for scientific discovery, some for glory, and some for money. They located the crashed city of Manilis, and were the first to be assimilated by the newly formed Borg.

Then again, it isn't considered canon, so...........