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Nobody's? I mean, it was in uncharted territory and theoretically out of direct contact with Terra. So its imperatives were non-interference and light, necessary interventions.

The Fed hadn't run into the Q-continuum yet. TNG pilot yo.

The Enterprise is operated by Federation Starfleet under the authority of the United Earth Space Probe Agency (UESPA) (TOS: Tomorrow is Yesterday)


Kirk does say to U.S. Air Force Captain (equivalent to a navy Lieutenant) John Christopher that the Enterprise is under the auspices of the "United Earth Space Probe Agency", which was probably an agency of the United Earth government, which would be the member government of Earth (Sol III) in the United Federation of Planets. Of course, the Enterprise actually is under Starfleet, and under the overall jurisdiction of the Federation, but under some political obligation he felt to Earth, Kirk attributed its authority to UESPA, kind of the way American forces in NATO missions are technically under allied command or Canadian troops in UN peacekeeping missions are technically under the UN. ProfessorTrek 02:32, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

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