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they put it in the shitty photon torpedo

A head, as it is called in naval parlance, is beyond the door on the starboard alclove on the Galaxy-class bridge; presumably, heads can be found in the crew quarters.

There was also a bathroom on plans of the Enterprise-D inside of Picard's ready room, it was never shown on screen. A toilet was never shown on screen, but sinks, showers, and sonic showers were. At least one known crewmember (Deanna Troi) had a bathtub.


Until Star Trek: First Contact, the producers of Star Trek tried to deny that it was necessary to use the bathroom at all, lest Picard or Riker be caught taking a leak or dropping a load when the Romulans attacked. ProfessorTrek 01:42, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

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