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Well it's not his blindness is a common cold it's not so easily "cured". This is why he wears a visor that allows him to see. If you're inquiring as to the reason he did not receive an artificial cloned pair of eyes I would say that cloning really isn't talked about all that much in the star trek universe so it's hard to say whether or not they had the technology to do so. Now seeing as they have created FTL travel, particle weapons etc. we can assume that the Federation should have had the know-how but with the illegality of genetic engineering on Earth there could be ethical as opposed to scientific objections.


Kitface 00:03, July 1, 2011 (UTC): The Federation's "cures" involved artifically implanting things to do the job - but Geordi opted for the VISOR instead as implants couldn't offer the same level of detail as the VISOR could at the time. This way, improvements would be easier to implement and the Federation's fear of stuff going wrong from genetic manipulation (which is stated by the Doctor in Voyager to be allowed only when there is no other way to satisfactorily "fix" the problem) probably made them biased towards the artifical viewing mechanism route.

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