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It's more of an opinion. I think they're forest green.


I guess Roddenberry thought it was a turn-on to have a woman with her entire body made up green. Robert referred to Mark's girl in Free Enterprise as a "spicy little Kermit-the-Frog number". I guess the turn-on is that she wants you enough to make her entire body up green ProfessorTrek 22:07, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

The canon irresistability is explained as pheremones. Personally, I think they look stupid. The exact shade seems to change from appearance to appearance, probably as much a result of different camera and lighting technology as much as dificulty matching the original skin paint.
As a matter of fact, the color of the original Orion Slave Girl in "The Cage" was changed several times because of an infamous color correction error. Originally, the color was supposed to be a much lighter green, but the colorist thought it was an artifact of the camera, and not intentional, so it was recolored. The "corrected" film came back to the studio and Roddenberry wasn't told about the correction, so he thought it wasn't green enough for the camera to pick up, and had the scene re-shot with darker makeup, this went back and forth several times before someone realized that the colorist hadn't been told what color she was supposed to be, and the film was finally printed correctly.-Cpthunt 05:34, August 7, 2011 (UTC)
I would assume that there would be some regional variation to their skin color, afterall, we see orions in TAS with almost Beige skin.
The Animated Adverntures of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek was my favourite Star Trek series. People should stop putting it down.

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