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Picard's flute solo (The Inner Light) is probably THE most beautiful piece ever composed. Jay Chattaway composed the music for this episode, including the Ressikan flute solo played by Kamin and Picard.

The brass Ressikan flute was one of the items up for bid at the Christie's official studio auction of Star Trek memorabilia, which took place on October 5–7, 2006. The prop flute, which cannot actually be played, was originally estimated to have a sale price of US$300. Auction directors admitted that their estimates for many items did not "factor in that emotional fury generated around this kind of material".[4] The estimate was later raised to $800–$1,200 on Christie's web site.[citation needed]

In the days leading up to the auction, Denise Okuda, former Trek scenic artist and video supervisor, as well as co-writer of the auction catalog, said: "That's the item people say they really have to have, because it's so iconic to a much-beloved episode."[5] The final bid for the flute at the auction was US$40,000. Including the additional 20 percent fee Christie's collected on all items from the winning bidder, the total price for the flute was $48,000.[6]

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