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Warp speed is a fictional Star Trek faster-than-light travel speed. It is accomplished through a warp drive, a special type of engine that "warps" the properties of space-time to create a "warp field," in which a ship can travel faster than the speed of light.     Here are the speeds. From the original show: Warp 1 = 1 c (speed of light)  Warp 2 = 8 c  warp 3 = 27 c warp 4 = 64 c warp 5 = 125 c warp 6 = 216 c ( going beyond this is speed is not safe, this speed is theoretically initial warp speed till exhaustion) warp 7 = 343 c. Warp 8 = 512 c ( this is maximum warp and can only be attained for a short anount of time) warp 9 = 729 c ( this warp factor is possible but at extreme risk) you can also search up on google warp calculator. I recommend you do so. I know that ships get across the galaxy but the writers don't care about that. The tng warp scale... just search up warp calculator :)

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