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In Star Trek, U.S.S. stands for and is probably derived from "United (Federation of Planets) Star Ship"

= The acronym USS may refer to any of

Organizations: Union of Secondary Students, a student-rights advocacy group in Ireland Union Switch & Signal; a supplier of railroad switching equipment Union Syndicale Suisse, the Swiss Trade Union Confederation;  United Seamen's Service;  United States Senate;  United States Steel Corporation;  USA Swimming, formerly United States Swimming, the National Governing Body for competitive swimming in the United States.

Computing: Unformatted System Services, the mechanism within VTAM to format a terminal's initial screen and route to selected applications. Sometimes also referred to as USSTAB or USS Table which is the assembler macro used to in the construction of such screens. The resulting screen image is called a USS message; UNIX System Services, a component of z/OS Upload Speed Sense, a method of regulating a host's upload bandwidth in the eMule client.

USS may also refer to: Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, a Canadian rock band;  Ultrasound Scan, a scientific and medical diagnostic technique;  United Star Ship or United Space Ship, as a ship prefix in the Star Trek franchise;  United States Ship, typically as a ship prefix in the United States Navy (includes submarines);  United States SIGINT system;  United States Standard, an older standard of screw thread;  Universal Spinal System, an implantable device (instrumentation) for correcting a spine exhibiting scoliosis;  Universities Superannuation Scheme, a pension scheme in the United Kingdom;  Uxbridge Secondary School, a high school in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada;  Universal Studios Singapore.

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