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The administrative Capital is San Fransisco [apologies for my spelling] and the Cultural capital is Paris. Both are situated on Earth, in sector 001 of Federation Space

i dont think this is correct. but i do know that san francisco is the headquarters of starfleet. its doubtful it has any capital function. as for paris being a capital that is likely. but i think paris is the administrative capital i read it in the tech manual. but i could be wrong but i have provided some facts .in the original star fleet tech manual however this was not the case they had starfleets head quarters as a giant orbital space city the size of one city block or something like that. and it was not san francisco but this was back in the early 1980s before next generation came out. so facts in star trek can change with time if the writers want. but as of now sanfrancisio is the administrative headquarters of starfleet and not the federation. 15:30, January 7, 2012 (UTC)

Earth is the capital planet. The executive branch is based in Paris, the judicial branch in Lisbon and the legislative branch and Starfleet are based in San Francisco. 18:03, January 7, 2012 (UTC)

What's the capital of the United Nations? Pooneil 18:21, January 7, 2012 (UTC)

That would have to be New York City, which is where both the General Assembly and the Security Council meet (the United States makes special variances in its immigration law for diplomatically-credentialled individuals travelling to the United Nations that it would otherwise have a problem with).

The Turtle Bay territory is under United Nations administration, but it is subject to U.S. law. As such, it is not the territory of a diplomatic mission, although the representatives the 193 member states send to the U.N. are referred to as "ambassadors". Such diplomats, travelling under diplomatic (not associated staff) credentials, do enjoy diplomatic immunity as set forth in U.S. law, except as to traffic violations, as diplomats credentialled from recognized, sovereign nations would (proof of this would be a diplomatic passport containing a valid and applicable U.S. visa).

Wherein is the difference? Whereas, for example, the Federal Bureau of Investigation could excute neither a search warrant in the territory of a diplomatic mission (embassy or consultate), nor an arrest warrant against a diplomatically-credentialled individual, it could execute a search warrant on the Turtle Bay premises, although diplomats credentialled to the U.N. would enjoy in personam diplomatic immunity (which would include immunity from adverse entry upon their residences). Whereas, for example, the Chinese embassy in Washington is, by international law, considered sovereign Chinese territory, the U.N. headquarters enjoy a "quasi-extraterritoriality" as "international territory". That is, Article 3, section 7(c) acquiesces to and recognizes the jurisdiction of the federal courts, while Article 3, section 8, carves out room against U.S. law for the United Nations to perform its administrative functions, subject to the "pending dispute" provisions of section 21.

Regional headquarters are located in Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi. The various UN agencies can be found based in cities around the world. For example, the International Civil Aviation Organization is based in Montreal.

--ProfessorTrek 00:07, January 9, 2012 (UTC)

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