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A number before 48 and after 46? Always love a horribly vague question...

Actually this isn't as dumb of a question as you think (I removed the delete template because it doesn't need it)

The heavy use of the number 47 in the show, comes from Joe Menosky, a staff writer for TNG. He attended Pomona College in 1979, where he may have participated in a group known as the 47 Society, which posits that 47 is the quintisential random number, several well known members of Hollywood were in this movement, including Menosky, so they took it upon themselves to work the number 47 into as many places on their productions as possible. This same in-joke was later continued by other members of the Star Trek production team, and thus the number 47 (or it's derivatives) appears in almost every episode of the show since then.Cpthunt 03:27, August 10, 2011 (UTC)

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