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Nobody knows, since there have been no movies made based on Voyager. Any attempts to speculate would be just that.


We do know that Janeway was promoted to Admiral and as of ST: Nemesis, worked at Starfleet Headquarters.

There is no canon info except Janeway's promotion, but there are plenty of novels and fanfiction that delve into that. It's unlikely that a movie or new series will be made that take place in that timeline; it seems that JJ Abram's alternate universe is going to be from now on.

According to Star Trek Online, Janeway once did a survey of the Hobus system after the supernova, eventually she was killed later when the Borg attempted to assimilate her as the new queen. Harry Kim probably went on to captain the Rhode Island eventually after getting his rank up. Tuvok apparently became a Commander on board the USS Titan and served with Captain Riker and Commander Troi. Seven of Nine was doing various Starfleet projects, but she resigned her commision in protest after the Federation disbanded it's Borg task force. She then took up a position at the Daystrom Institute. is an interview with her. Chakotay went on to Captain Voyager, with Tom Paris as his first officer. The Doctor was declared a sentient life form and is now serving as Chief Medical Officer on I believe Galor III, or somewhere close. B'Elanna is probably the Klingon - Federation ambassador, if there still is one. She might also be bringing up her child, possibly on Voyager with Tom Paris.

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