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Warning: Spoilers According to Homecoming/The Farther Shore Voyager re-launch novels both Seven and Icheb are detained and tortured by starfleet command in connection with a borg virus. In the re-launch Seven does not persue a relationship with Chakotay, acknowleging that their circumstances differ from those of the original timeline.

Presumably, get asked out a lot. I'm sure beyond that, she could get any position she wanted.We find out in "End Game" Janeway is talking and we find out that Seven died and her "husband", never got over the loss.

We then see Chakotays grave stone. When the action returns to Voyager we see the "romantic relationship" developing between Seven and Chakotay.

I think we are to assume that as Seven survives, and that history is changed when Voyager returns to Earth earlier than it should have, Seven and Chakotay do actually persue the relationship and get married.Got that shit on her eye fixed and found a man.ChakotayShe Adapted .She AdaptedI thought she had a relationship with chakote before breaking up with him...?


As to "that shit on her eye", it's been theorized that greater access to Federation surgical expertise led to a more complete removal of Borg implants from Picard subsequent to the events of ST:TNG "The Best of Both Worlds" than from Seven of Nine, subsequent to the events of ST:VOY "Scorpion". It's also possible that the Doctor leaving some of her implants in was comparatively a result from Seven being assimiliated for a much longer duration than Locutus, and for different purposes. There always seemed to be a lot of impatience with Jeri Ryan's Seven of Nine, but I would theorize that she either ultimately pursued a Starfleet commission, or became a civilian astrophysicist. There must be a multiplicity of non-canonical conjecture ProfessorTrek 06:12, August 14, 2011 (UTC)

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