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Answer #1:Edit

ignore what? This question isn't actually asking anything.

Answer #2:Edit

If you're looking to steal a shuttle, the Enterprise D is a pretty easy place to do it.

Answer #3:Edit

I'm sure there were. Sometimes, augmenting the Enterprise systems with independent systems from a shuttlecraft would have come in handy. For example, any time the Enterprise transporters went offline, they might have been able to use the transporters from one of their shuttlecraft instead, since the shuttle's transporters did not need the Enterprise transporters in order to work. I seem to remember one episode where power from a shuttlecraft was diverted to the main ship, but that might have been a Voyager episode.

Although the writers could have lampshaded this by having Geordi consider and then dismiss the idea, the reason being that shuttle transporters could have been too limited in power/range for whatever they needed it for... (In The Best of Both Worlds 2, Data refers to the transporter on the shuttle he and Worf use as the "escape transporter," implying limited range.)

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