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The story for the movie Star Trek(2009) creates an alternate timeline in which Romulus is destroyed and the crew of the Narada is sent back into the past. Kirk and Spock(future and present version) end up altering these events to prevent the destruction of Romulan society. Thus, in a manner of speaking, Romulus was never destroyed.


Where did you get that from? Romulus was destroyed in the PRIME reality, the one from which older Spock originates. There is actually no way of telling if Romulus is destroyed in the new timeline, the one that most of Star Trek (2009) took place in, but several fan sources say that it won't be destroyed by the supernova in the alternate reality.

The Romulans were an Empire. Of course there were Romulans off-world when it happened. The question is, how many of those colony worlds were wiped out by the supernova before Spock stopped it? Either way, there's no canon information. - Mitchz95 17:32, February 19, 2012 (UTC)

Star Trek Online continues the story in the Prime Universe. The Romulans did survive but the Empire was shattered and hardly exists. The Remans, a race that was under control of the Romulans, gained it's freedom by this nad now fight the Romulans. There is alot more to this story.

Star Trek Online isn't canon. - Mitchz95 18:53, February 19, 2012 (UTC)

Neither is Sex Trek eh? Oh, I mean that crappy movie from 2009 made by ole JJ that plagerized Stargate, Star Wars, and the Young and the Restless. Or was it Bold and the Beautiful?

Actually, the Abrams movie is considered canon. It takes place in a different quantum reality, so the prime universe from the other series isn't affected. - Mitchz95 02:35, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

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