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No, it was not a "planned screw-up". The script was written by John Logan who is considered one of the best in Hollywood. It was directed by Stuart Baird, an award winning director/editor. Brent Spiner and John Logan worked together to develop the movie. Spiner said that their original story had to be changed several times because of the demands of Patrick Stewart and Paramount Studios. While LeVar Burton has been vocal in his dislike of Baird, Brent Spiner indicated in a recent interview that the real problem with Nemesis was the budget. For example, the scene where Picard and Data escape by driving the shuttle through the Reman ship was supposed to be a big action sequence lasting several minutes, but was cut down to almost nothing because of the budget. The big battle at the end of the movie was supposed to have a fleet of starships, but was also cut due to the budget. Many of the character building moments were cut to shorten the length of the film. (A shorter film equals more showings in a day which equals more money.) Basically they cut the guts out of the movie and then wondered why more people did not go see it. Nemesis was given $60 million whereas Star Trek XI was given $150 million. By comparison, Die Another Day's (2002) budget was $140 million; Attack of the Clones (2002) = $120 million; and Spiderman (2002) = $140 million. These movies are listed in Wikipedia as the top grossing movies of 2002. It is extremely clear that Paramount shortchanged Star Trek: Nemesis. "You get what you pay for." Movies such as We Were Soldiers (2002) ($95 million) and Black Hawk Down ($92 million) were afforded more of a budget than Nemesis. Panic Room was given $45 million and almost the entire movie takes place inside a house. Also you have to remember that a big part of the success of a movie is determined by how well it is marketed. If you want to blame someone for the failure of Nemesis (and later Enterprise), then blame the executives of Paramount and CBS. Admiral William Thomas Riker 23:55, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

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