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Vulcans and chocolate?

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Since Vulcan hemoglobin is copper-based and chocolate is a rich source of copper, I would assume that Vulcans might find it a valuable source of nourishment in the same way humans require foods rich in iron.

Specifically, I could imagine a doctor versed in Vulcan physiology recommending chocolate to a Vulcan patient suffering from anemia.

The above answer can be considered wrong because in "non-canon" Trek-related literature, such as the novelization of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Vulcans are depicted as becoming inebriated by ingesting chocolate. Depends on what you think is right.


Actually, the idea that chocolate, as a source of copper, would be a recommended dietary supplement, absent other deleterious effects, seems a sound one. Since Vulcans are vegetarians, pure chocolate, being derived from the cacao bean, would be acceptable. Even milk chocolate is lacto-vegetarian. Spock does mention that alcohol has a different effect on Vulcans than it does on Humans in ST:TOS, but it stands to reason that even as to Vulcan physiology, there must be substances that have a recreational mind-altering effect ProfessorTrek 18:20, August 17, 2011 (UTC)


As I recall the scene in the novel of ST:IV , Spock had ingested a chocolated coverd mint patty. It was the mint that was geting him , well, high, not the chocolate.


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