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It's Travis "Maywheater", actually, and yes he was sort of the token black guy on the series. I think the producers had no idea what to do with his character and that why in many episodes he was barely even seen or had any speaking lines.

Well it's actually Travis "Mayweather". But yes, he was a token black guy, hardly compares with great characters like Worf and LaForge. Even Uhura in the 60s had more character depth. I got tired of Mayweather just acting dumb or pretending to be serious when driving the ship. In fairness though, most of the actors in Enterprise were poor (try to imagine them in a movie and you'll see why). On the other hand, the primary blame is with the writers, who did a worst job than most fans could. Just look at the poor excuse for alien languages in the series. Every other word rhymes with "allah". "Rallah, haller, maller, kertish! Maller, raller badall, ryken, boodray? Ballah badallah?" Uuuum, I think they're trying to communicate with us Captain! Enterprise was ok, but I think we all knew from the first episode that the golden age of star trek was behind us.


So was Captain Archer the generic white guy? Reed the generic European guy? T'Pol the generic silicone-enhanced woman? Star Trek fans are supposed to be smarter than to ask racially insensitive questions such as this. For shame!

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