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'Star Trek' is real. 'Star Wars' is not.


Star Trek is science fiction. Star Wars is science fantasy. George Lucas used Earth mythology and history to develop Star Wars. For example, the Rebels vs the Empire could be an analagy of the American Revolutionary War with elements of the Vietnam war thrown in. Lucas said the Jedi Knights were based on the warrior-monks of the Crusades such as the Knights Templar. As far as the physics of Star Wars, Lucas never attempts to explain the technology, basically doing what ever "looks good" on screen. On the DVD, the people who made Star Wars laugh at the implausability of "Star Wars physics". Star Wars was created during the time of the Vietnam War. People wanted a way to escape the realities of everyday life. They did not want to think about technology because they were seeing technology every night on the news being used to kill and destroy. Throughout Star Wars, technology has a negative connotation. When Lucas talks about the morals behind Star Wars, he says that the central theme is that life is more powerful than technology.

On the other hand, Star Trek has always tried to encorporate as much science as possible. Gene Roddenberry enlisted scientists to help make Trek's technology seem as real as possible. Star Trek was created during the Apollo missions were technological advancements were being explained every night on the evening news. The technolgy that appeared in Star Trek seemed so realistic that it inspired young people to study science and engineering. Everytime you pick up a cell phone or look at an iPad, you are using technology inspired by Star Trek. Star Trek's theme is that that technology is good. The most important of Trek's ideas is that to conquer space, mankind will have to put away all of our differences and put a stop to 10,000 years of murdering each other. Sadly, that idea of universal brotherhood and sisterhood seems to be a distant memory.Admiral William Thomas Riker 20:36, July 26, 2011 (UTC)

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