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Introduction Edit

Welcome to the Star Trek Answers Wiki! This wiki is here to ask specific questions about Star Trek content, both from canon Star Trek and non-canon. Want to know why Gates McFadden left TNG in the second season? Not sure what uniform colors mean? This is the place to ask others your questions, or see if your question has been asked. Know the answer to any of them, or have something to add to an existing answer? You're also in the right place.

Guidelines Edit

  • Phrase your question as a question. Unless you write what you are asking as question, it is sometimes hard to know what exactly you are looking for.  Remember, we are real people, not a search engine.
  • If possible, name the episode. It greatly helps to answer your question if you name what episode, film or novel the subject of your question was seen or heard in. This can be done either in the question itself or on the discussion page.
  • If you think it's been asked before, it probably has. We have 14,365 pages of questions- there's a good chance what you want to know may be here already. To see if it is, use the "Search this Q&A site" bar at the right of the screen. The most common questions are also listed at Frequently asked questions.
  • A flurry of similar questions is not needed. If you want to ask a question about one aspect of something, such as whether different characters performed a certain action, please do so with one question, and not several iterations of the same question which only swap out a character's name, for example. Such questions will be merged or deleted.
  • Repetition is not necessary. Please only ask a question once; asking it multiple times in different ways will not get it answered faster, and will push out other's questions.
  • Acknowledge the answer. It helps others to reply to questions if they know that askers have read the answers.
  • No personal attacks. Personal attacks against other users will not be tolerated. We're here to ask and answer Star Trek questions; while disagreements can get heated, users should not attack each other.

Scope of questions Edit

As the Internet is vast, this wiki is not meant for all types of Star Trek discussion, as allowing such discussion drowns out the questions people have. As such, some types of questions are discouraged.

  • Nonspecific Star Trek discussion questions. While there are many aspects of Star Trek ideas, themes and concepts worth discussing, we are here to answer questions seeking a specific answer only. Open-ended discussion should take place at one of the many Star Trek discussion sites on the Internet.
  • Purely hypothetical questions. While it might be interesting to debate what the top speed of a starship in the 25th century would be, or when the Enterprise-H will be built, we are here to discuss existing Star Trek, not hypotheticals.
  • Soliciting assistance in writing fan fiction. Writing fan fiction stories is great, and we hope you are successful, but this site is not for bouncing your story ideas off of. If you want to know if something is "possible", the answer is yes- it is your story and you can do what you want.
  • Questions not having to do with Star Trek. Questions not having to do with Star Trek, or only tangentially doing so, will be removed.
  • Self-answered questions. Questions should not be posted only to answer them yourself; this drowns out questions from users seeking help with their questions. If you wish to demonstrate your knowledge of Star Trek, please do so by answering the many questions there are.
  • Klingon language questions. This wiki is to ask questions about content seen in Star Trek, not to ask how to say random words or phrases in Klingon. Please confine questions to Star Trek content. Please see this page for more information.

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