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Shakaar prepares to snipe Colonel Lenaris Holem

There are no phaser "sniper rifles" in any of the episodes in any of the series. The MACO's pocess a rifle with a retractable scope however this weapon is specifically noted as being a "phase" weapon not a "phaser". Having said this the phase weapons from Enterprise are basically the same thing as phasers because the writers did a very poor job of making them appear to be different.

Now in terms of weapons similar to sniper rifles the only other possibility as far as I know would be the TR-116, however the 116 is a projectile weapon not an energy weapon.

Shakaar and Kira use sniper rifles in the episode Shakaar. actually it's just a Klingon disruptor rifle with a scope there's nothing to suggest that it specifically designed or designated for use as a sniper weapon

Federation standard phaser rifles have a scope on. Well, most of them.

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