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Only once as far as I can recall. When his repulsor moved the asteroid to buy them more time so the ship wouldn't get pulverized by the other incoming asteroid


What about the one where he comes back and (maybe) gets laid (ST:TNG "The Game")? If he didn't fix Data in time to intervene with the palm beacon, the Ktarians would be running the Federation. ProfessorTrek 01:31, July 20, 2011 (UTC)



  • "The Naked Now"
  • "Where Noone has Gone Before"
  • "The Battle"
  • "Datalore"
  • "The Enemy"
  • "The Game"

This List includes only instances of when we "saves the ship" For instances of when he "saves the day," one would need to expand the list with:

  • "The Most Toys"
  • "Menage a Troi"


Wesley is a metaphor for Roddenberry writing a whole bunch of scripts

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