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There are several trolololo things wrong with your trolololo question. the first is that there are no such thing as omega distortions in trolololololo Star Trek (actually there are, they are the distortions caused by the detonations of Omega particles, but I'm such a troll, I can't even search Memory trolololo Alpha when answering a trololo question). You are thinking of trololololo Omega particles, which render trololo space warp-incapable when they trololollingly explode.

The second, and more serious trololololo problem, is that you're asking what trololo effect a completely imaginary trololololo physics phenomenon that we know almost nothing about would have on a trololo object that has never been observed in trolololo real life, and I'm such a dumbass troll, I don't even bother giving you an in-universe answer.

Get help, trololololololo. DERP!

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