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Which kind?

The pointy kind.

They are all pointy.

Vorcha-class is undoubtably powerful. It's usually described as a klingon attack cruiser though. I think you're thinking of either the K'tinga/D7 type, which is ancient and no match for the galaxy-despite its subpar weaponry and inherent design flaws-or the Negh'var type as seen in "way of the warrior". If it is the neghvar, the galaxy class should separate the saucer, evacuate all civilians, and pray for divine intervention.

Back to the Vorcha type (first seen in "reunion") it would be closer. I expect it would depend on whether the galaxy class was caught by surprise-we see that a bird of prey can take apart a galaxy class under the right circumstances, and the vorcha class is massive, and bristling with weaponry (including a disruptor cannon the size of a galaxy class deflector dish). My money would be on the vorcha, factoring in klingon dedication to victory over federation negotiation, although who was captaining the galaxy class would affect the outcome. Picard is so damned cautious and noble, I bet he'd get smoked. Keogh might have a shot. All this assumes equal conditions. If the vorcha decloaks and gets off a disruptor shot before the galaxy class raises shields, it's not even a contest.

Edit of my previous section-the vorcha class is big, but still much smaller than a galaxy class. Also on a side note, the vorcha is still the only klingon ship to be able to match a galaxy class in speed

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