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No. If it was not an 'official' production story seen on screen, then no.


Stan and Fred Goldstein do make a few references to extrapolated or interpolated events based on depicted events in Trek up to that time, and a few references to spaceflight-related events prior to the time of publishing the book. Rick Sternbach did contribute illustrations of the Constitution-class and Enterprise-class Enterprises.

The fatal problem to the book contributing in any way to canon are the totally wrong dates, starting with the assertion that the U.S. Space Shuttle program ended in 1992, which was way earlier than ever planned (we now know that occurs in 2011), and that the "Constitution II"-class Enterprise entered service in 2215. The book is, however, entertaining--as it tries, albeit unsuccessfully, to intersect with the Star Trek universe ProfessorTrek 09:40, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

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