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And why would they need to do that?

Because no matter how many selective-service registration cards you have, no matter how many certificates of naturalization you have, no matter how many U.S. passports you have, if you cannot point to some city or town within the geographical boundaries of the U.S. and say "I was born and raised there", you'll never be truly American.

This question needs to be deleted. I admit ive asked alot of stupid questions on here but the memory alpha answers page should be used to ask question about star trek not about silly ass conspiracys.

Is somebody just jelly 'cause they don't think poor people deserve health care? Though I admit I'm jelly because Diefenbaker in Due South was SO CUTE!

This was actually a half-serious, half-joking question referring to James Doohan's and William Shatner's Canadian origins.

That said, in response to the above "nothing-but-love-for-ya-and-your-government-monopoly-single-payer-universal-health-care-financing-plan" comment, I am certain that there are many born Americans that have warm-and-fuzzy feelings about Canadians. In the twenty years that I have been living in this country, I have become a naturalized U.S. citizen and a U.S.-government-underwritten-as-to-finance degree-holder. Recently, however, I have encountered ill-informed, anti-Canadian bigots who think that anything that is not overtly American is some kind of conspiratorial threat to them, and is therefore something to be rejected and excluded. I think that their redneck attitude is too bad, because there are a lot of people, including Canadians, from around the world, that have a lot to offer this country.

Remember, they're the guys who wanted to create high-paying American jobs building a petroleum pipeline from central Alberta, through the heartland, down to the Texas coast, but Aughbaughmuh decided that "more inquiry into this questionable jobs imperative is warranted". I guess the Canadians are now supposed to build a pipeline to Vancouver and sell their oil to the Chinese (actually, they're giving you another chance by reapplying for the permits, because there's a free-trade treaty, and Canadians honour their commitments). Hey, but Obama is a Star Trek fan, so let's keep him in office.

Why can't Americans pursue solidarity with their friends, such as the Canadians, with the same zeal with which they condemn their enemies, such as Iran? When America needed their six escaped diplomats, who in 1980 were secreted from the Iranians in the Canadian ambassador's own home, and smuggled out of Tehran on Canadian passports, who came through for ya? What's it going to take? Canadian soldiers dying for American freedom in Afghanistan, including in a friendly-fire incident? They fight with Americans, play hockey with Americans, make movies with Americans, create a continent-wide immigration-and-crime security perimeter with Americans, and trade with Americans more than anybody else in the world, and, most importantly, get erroneously taken for being Americans by Europeans and Asians. How about giving both them and Canadian-Americans such as myself a break.

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