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Star Trek V itself was ridiculous.

But it is canon, right?

As you'll notice if you watch that scene closely, the deck numbers also climb in the wrong direction. There were quite a few production errors like these in this movie. Much of this movie's details are considered non-canonical. The Enterprise-A should only have 23 decks, just like the previous Enterprise BTW, the Enterprise-D actually has 42 decks

Apparently the deck number goof was made by Shatner himself, who thought that the audience would be confused if the numbers went down instead of up. Also, Shatner had added the huge number of decks because it would seem like the trio had flown up higher in the turboshaft.


I'm sure that Roddenberry et al loved Shatner dearly, and felt compelled to give him his chance to direct, et cetera, after Nimoy getting his, but they must have been shaking their collective heads at the many gaffes of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier ProfessorTrek 02:00, August 8, 2011 (UTC)

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