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No, they were working on Warp Technology, and were soon going to be contacted. The circumstances lead to the decision to expedite the entire process in order to save Riker.

But the Prime Directive wasn't broken, the process of first contacted was just rushed a bitShe had a phaser pointed at him at the time so kinda forgivable.yesThe Prime Directive does not apply to human cultures, nor any race achieving or about to achieve Warp drive presuming no undue contamination will occur. But since this occurs in tha past Picard actually would be breaking the Temporal Prime Directive, but since the Borg already changed the past, Picard needed to recruit her to undo what was done and endure First Contact occured. Plus he needed to convince her he wasnt an enemy to be vaporized. Technically speaking he broke the Temporal Prime Directive, no the classical Prime Directive. The Temporal Prime Directive instructs all Starfleet officers, if transported into the past, to avoid interfering with the timeline. The classical Prime Directive prohibits Starfleet officers from interfering with the activities of pre-warp civilizations. im pretty sure by doing that he saved the federation... worth the risk if you ask me

She was going to vaporize Picard with a hand phaser, so he had to explain to her about the Enterprise. Earth was about to become a warp capable civilization, and Lily was going to keep the secret. Picard only gave her snippits of what the future was going to be about, such as forcefields, large starships, world peace, and galactic exploration, as well as the dangers out there, such as the Borg.


He certainly violated the Temporal Prime Directive, but I wouldn't say that a human interfering in human affairs is a violation of the regular Prime Directive. Even if it were, Lily was only about a day away from being a member of a warp-cabable species.


But wasn't that an alternate timeline anyway? Unless they actually traveled into the past of their own universe, which according to quantum mechanics is physically impossible.

If they did, they just slightly altered the timeline but made sure history could prevail, since the implication was that the Borg planned to prevent First Contact and assimilate Earth.

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