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Fandom doesn't dislike Wil Wheaton. They dislike his character, Wesley Crusher.Fandom hates the character not the actor.1. Because as part of his marketing strategy, Abrams wants to stir up controversy with fans. Same reason why he's destroying the planet Vulcan. As he said during a Letterman interview, "I never liked Star Trek".

2. Actually, the general consensus among fandom is that Wil Wheaton is awesome. He's a computer geek, a gamer, a sci-fi fan, and an all-around nice guy. He's one of the most popular bloggers/Tweeters on the internet.

3. Wil Wheaton rocks. It's Wesley Crusher that people tend not to like.

Wil Wheaton isn't exactly a fan of Wes Crusher eaither

Like it has been explained fandom doesn't hate Wil Wheaton (Only Sheldon Cooper does) they hate Wesley as Wesley was an annoying child that got to become an Ensign because Pcard's self concious felt guilty about Jack's death. I think that had Jack been alive and an officer on that ship Wes would be confined to quarters but in the words of SFDebris I'm just a viewer with an opinion

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