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Even a sudden change in the timeline would have events that led up to them being obese, in which case action would probably have been taken to prevent them from getting to the point of obesity.


Incredibly simplistic and ignorant. If a timeline change had occurred, the conditions under which "action" could be "taken" might not exist.

Say this did occur. Would such a timeline change affecting a Starfleet officer, who instantaneously went from being, say, 185 lbs. to 400 lbs. result in that officer being asked to leave Starfleet because of this?

Wouldn't this conundrum have made for an interesting episode?


no it wouldn't have, it would have just been a ton of lame fat jokes and moralizeing on why being overweight is bad.

"obesity" isn't all that interesting I don't think you quite understand...we're not going into segregated hiding simply because you don't like the shape of our bodies

It was mentioned that the replicators employed in the Federation deliver "healthy" meals, despite what the patron may order. In TOS, McCoy berates Kirk more than once for putting on a few "extra pounds" and alters his diet card, and physical activity regimen. Presumably, this is no longer an issue with TNG-era replicators. Also, there are several "overweight" command officers, but physical requirements are obviously relaxed for these beings.

I would also dare to assume that liposuction, along with other medical practices, has advanced as well. If a patient undergoing a heart transplant only requires four hours of recovery before being returned to active duty (TNG: Samaritan Snare) then presumably one could walk in at 400 lbs, and walk out minutes later back at their pre-time-event weight.

maybe you should go away because annoying son of a bitch stupid fucking question


My biology professor put it this way: "People and trees are similar. When they are young they grow tall. As they age they begin to grow wider. It is just natural". Our obsession with physical apperance will have died out long before Star Trek. No one will care if you are fat, bald, short, tall, blonde, green, etc. etc. Scotty in "Relics" was supposed to be about 150 years old. Besides, how many people here drooled over Carrie Fisher in her golden bikini? Fisher herself said that the studio wanted to send her to a fat camp when she got the part in Star Wars (1977). Natalie Portman's getting a little heavier as she ages too. Jennifer Love Hewitt has some pounds on her, but she's still a knockout. So, to answer your question, no Starfleet would not kick a person out because of their weight. Besides, its space, weight does not matter in outer space.



The health problems associated with obeisty would pretty much be resolved in the 24th century (Heart disease, hardened arteries, etc...), so the only concern is cosmetic and, space. But starfleet has races of all shapes and sizes that they accomodate for. So fat commanders are not going to be a problem compared to races that breath arsenic or are 14 feet tall.

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