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Worf and his house were dishonored and stripped of all of it's holdings. This means that the House of Mogh no longer had a seat along side the other great houses. This does not mean that Worf family suddenly does not exist, in other words Worf's sash has sentimental value, it's a family heirloom that he wears to remember and pay tribute to his father.


I got the sense that "discommendation from the Klingons" is like when Jewish persons convert. They simply no longer socially exist. Some Klingons were forced by circumstances to interact with Worf, and were angered and protested. With the exception of Gowron and Worf talking in the Transporter Room ("I do not hear the words of a traitor"), and that was about Gowron saving his own political ass that he relented in civilly communicating with Worf. As to his choice to continue to wear his baldric and emblems, outside the Empire, none of those who were aware of Worf's discommendation cared whether or not he wore them, and those who were unaware of it thought it just made sense, because Worf is overtly Klingon ProfessorTrek 19:17, August 26, 2011 (UTC)


I don't recall any Klingons showing any hatred toward the House of Mogh for being traitors. In fact the High Council was quite aware that it was Jarrod not Mogh who betrayed the Klingons at Khitomer.

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