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Warp drive obviously works by creating a dilithium-regulated matter-antimatter reactant annihilation reaction. A massively energetic reaction, its energy is channeled into coaxial field coils that run along the length of the warp nacelles. The field coils in the nacelles generate the phenomenally-energetic warp field around the ship, analogous to the electromagnetic field formed around an electrified iron field core. The warp field's "field output", or intensity, is measured in cochranes.

The warp field generates a warp in the "fabric" of space, allowing the ship to "drop down" from normal space into subspace. Then, a repulsor effect between the quantum particles comprising the warp field and various subspace quantum particles propels the ship through the "warped" space; that is, subspace. This repulsor effect propels a ship through subspace, described by a "warp-field equation" which calculates the space-subspace "comparative velocity". The more intense the warp field, the more energetic its quantum particles are as they react against subspace quanta, increasing the repeller effect. In subspace, the laws of subspace physics dictate that movement through it is, although "normal" for subspace, orders of magnitude faster compared to a propagation through normal space. And don't ask me whether I believe all the bullshit I just said ProfessorTrek 11:25, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

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