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Gold pressed latinum does not compare with Earth currency. By the time that Earth came into contact with the Ferengi, or anyone who uses Latinum, Earth no longer used currency.

Edit: In one of the DS9 episodes, it is explained that the gold is just the outer-casing that holds the latinum and that compared with the latinum, the gold is very cheap, almost worthless. Perhaps this is a reference to the music industry where a Platinum disc (for selling so-many records) is worth a lot more than a Gold disc.


Ferengi economics obviously don't include fiat currencies, instead relying on the physical use of precious metals and other materials of intrinsic value. The U.S. was on the "gold standard" prior to the "Nixon Shock", but that referred to a stock of gold "backing up" the number of U.S. dollars in circulation. There were several references in Star Trek: The Original Series to "Federation credits", which probably was a fiat currency. Picard makes reference in dialogue in Star Trek: First Contact to the "economics of the future [being] somewhat different" and that currency is not used, although he seems to recognize the commercial validity in trade of gold-pressed latinum in Star Trek: Insurrection. Probably "Federation credits" refers to value derived from a stock of deposits held by the Federation of at least non-Federation currency holdings, such as Klingon darseks. There must be some instances wherein even in the Federation some kind of medium of economic exchange is used, and generally contemporary advanced and enlightened societies use a fiat currency, even if it is one not minted and circulated by the national government of the country in which it is used.

Also, "the lack of money" may simply refer to the non-usage of paper bills and coins, but a fiat currency being an "electronic currency" (similar to today's electronic funds transfers, debit cards, credit cards, etc.) probably exists, as evidenced by the usage of the term "Federation credits". ProfessorTrek 09:26, July 29, 2011 (UTC)