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Yes, Seven of Nine knew what Vulcan Kal-toh was, and could play it considerably well, presumably because Vulcans have been assimilated.They assimilated Tuvok, and more then likely the assimilated some vulcans in the battle of wolf 359. There were Vulcan's present at Wolf 359, you can even see one on Sisko's ship in the very first episode of DS9. It may not prove they did, but at least they have had the chance. Very likely they did.Tuvok was assimilated once.YesIn 2375, Voyager encountered a malfunctioning Borg vinculum in a debris field. 7of9 developed multiple personality disorder and had a number of identities of people who had been assimilated by the Borg; emerged from her mind, one of which was a Vulcan. S-DykstraMost likely. A number of starfleet personel were assimilated during the events of "First Contact" and the Battle of Wolf 359. Chances are there were vulcans among them.yes many times, the vulcans in wolf 359 for exampleWell since they've assimilated Klingons, Humans, Romulans and numerous other species I can't imagine a reason that they wouldn't have encountered and assimilated Vulcans as well.

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