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There are no wars among countries in the planets so there isnt any need for a sort of national guard. But everyone working on any star ship knows how to use a phaser, and the federation isnt interested in invading planets anyway so a land invasion force isnt necessaryYes - But not a standing Army as such.

Starfleet (the exploration wing of the Federation) also serves in a military function. If you watch the Deep Space 9 Episode: The Siege of AR-559, there are Federation troops in the episode.

the officers in the Siege of AR-559 were starfleet officers, they did not belong to a seperate :marine style force

In the early days, M.A.C.O's served as soldiers, but it is possible that this was disbanded or amalgamated into Starfleet.No.

They have Marines, they have Starfleet. But no actual armies, these two organizations fill the role of a military.


I have never heard of any Federation Marine Corps unless this refers to the MACO's who did not exist in the Federation.


Yes, it does seem that by the time of ST:DS9 that the duties of the MACOs from ST:ENT have been folded into Starfleet, given that we see members of Starfleet functioning in a military-type context. Perhaps there are "reservists", such as there are in the western militaries today. Perhaps the members of each ship's security departments are also reservists in a Federation military. I would agree there would be no standing military, but since all Starfleet adhere to various military traditions, individual adjustment to being in an activated reserve force would likely by something easily dealt with ProfessorTrek 07:37, August 17, 2011 (UTC)

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