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Yes! In TOS they never said anything about it, in TNG and forward they only explained that it's no longer needed on earth, but there is still a lot of references to trading, both within the Federation and outside it. The Ferengi even worships money!

- Actually, it's not true that they never said anything about it in TOS. In season 2 "The Apple," Kirk rhetorically asks Spock something like "do you have any idea what Starfleet has invested in you?" and Spock begins to give him an actual number. In season 1 "Errand of Mercy," Kirk mentions that Starfleet paid "a lot of money" for their training. In season 2 "Who Mourns For Adonais?", Kirk tells Chekov that he has "earned his week's pay".

A common form of money in ST is gold-pressed latinum. This is what the Ferengi use.

Every once in a while, blatant and ongoing contradictions arise in canon. The existence of currency money in the Federation economy is one. Roddenberry was said to have decreed the non-existence of "money" (meaning currency); Picard is heard to remark as to "money" in Star Trek: First Contact that "the economics of the future are somewhat different..." and that "the accumulation of wealth [as opposed to the specific term "money"] is no longer the driving force in our lives." The near-post-scarcity economics of the Federation, necessitated through the existence of replicator, transporter and holodeck/holosuite technologies, are logically what give rise to a radically-redefined conception in it of what constitutes "money".

However, multiple references integral to stories in all five series, plus common sense, indicate that the premise of the non-existence of currency money was simply not workable. It is possible that when Picard and others make reference to the non-existence of "money", it is not that they are referring to the non-existence of currency money but to the non-existence of wealth money; that is, proxies such as stocks, bonds, notes, equities, commercial paper, etc. This is borne out by the despondent wonderings of financier Ralph Offenhouse in ST:TNG "The Neutral Zone". This also is eminently reasonable when one considers the economic havoc in today's economy instigated by such economic and legal constructs as "securitized collateral debt obligations" and "credit default swaps", to name only two.

Strips, slips and bars of gold-pressed latinum, as a specie currency, were contrived intentionally to be physically similar to the bulk and precious-metal character of today's gold bullion, except that latinum is de jure legal tender in the Ferengi Alliance, and de facto legal tender at Quark's and also in Picard's experience (Star Trek: Insurrection).

The nature of gold-pressed latinum, compared to the Federation credit, a fiat electronic currency, highlights the divine reverence with which the accumulation of wealth and economic concerns occupy the Ferengi. This, compared with the perfunctory nature the Federation credit--the Klingon darsek seems to have a similarly-perfunctory status in the Empire--has as a standardized and unitized medium of exchange in the Federation, was as practicably close as the producers could get to respecting Roddenberry's edict.

--ProfessorTrek 09:41, February 8, 2012 (UTC)

Gold-pressed latinum was a common form of inter-government tender and primarily used by Ferengi. Within the Federation, though Federation credits were used. Additionally each independent government would likely have its own currency. --StarkRG 05:57, February 8, 2012 (UTC)

Ok, let me rephrase what I first wrote: They never said anything about not using money in TOS. Again, the Federation would have to have some form of tradable goods, as would Earth, but Earth no longer use any currency internally past the TNG timeline.Christian Carlsson 09:00, February 8, 2012 (UTC)


Money certainly exists in Star Trek, however it's not used by most humans anymore by the 24th century, having been replaced by energy credits with which you can use (use, not buy: there is no one putting your credits in his pocket) transporters, replicators, holodecks and transportation by vehicles/ships. It is unknown how real estate is divded, although it is hinted at that certain functions (like being a captain in Starfleet) come with a nice apartment or house as part of a benefit package. 17:22, February 8, 2012 (UTC)

Stop adding your comments to the top of pages. Your comments are no more important than anyone else's. Additionally how about proofreading your comments before posting it instead of going back and making ten thousand edits. --StarkRG 10:23, February 8, 2012 (UTC)