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Yes. But also a fencing sword would collapse that well and wold be useless against Romulans or pretty much anyone else.

(paragraph written by the original question-writer) Assuming I'm understanding your response fully, you site technical problems collapsing a rapier even though they can collapse a katana? Seems a dubious reason to me. Also, a modern katana would have been just as useless against the Romulan's weapon. Katanas (traditional ones at least) are not made for blocking attacks; to do so would break your katana. Rapiers, however, are designed for parrying (deflecting) blows away. And if a "future" katana can be made to block blows from a heavy weapon as heavy as the Romulan's, why not "future" rapiers made to do the same? Just seems odd to me a trained fencer would use the wrong tool for his trade.

Don't forget that Sulu's Katana was probably made with 23rd century materials and tech, which far suprass what we have available today. DarthLucifer 22:11, August 22, 2011 (UTC)

Although arguably misguided, the general opinion is that Katanas are the apex of swordsmanship. I think it is a compliment to Asian culture in general (and Japanese in particular) that this opinion was propagated into the 23nd century. I would think that a 23nd century fencer would be well versed in all forms of sword combat and picked the best weapon for the situation. OR he may cherish his heritage to the point of using his ancestor's weaponry, just like Worf does. I hope you're not implying racism or stereotyping of any kind. To be honest, It's probably just because the artists thought katana was cooler than a rapier. OR One could argue that that is NOT a Katana but a rapier/sabre/katana combo, probably meant as a normal evolution of fencing throughout the centuries.


Assuming that this is of course referring to the scene from the 2009 Star Trek film I wouldn't say that Sulu's sword is a katana at all. The term "katana" obviously refers to Japanese traditional curved sword and I wouldn't say the retractable blade he wields against the Romulan meets that definition at all. I agree with the above poster that it seems to be more of a sabre/rapier combo.

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