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no, during the exodus from Vulcan, they lost the Vulcan mind abilities.


Tallera wasn't a Romulan, she posed as a Romulan mercenary in her mission to deliver the psionic resonator to the Vulcan isolationist movement.

No, this is not necesarily true. When Riker contacted Vulcan Intelligence, he was told that Vulcan did not have an operative aboard the mercenary ship. Tallera was either Romulan or other Vulcanoid (such as the inhabitants of Rigel V) working for the Romulans, seeking to obtain the power of the psionic resonator, to the benefit of the Romulan Star Empire.

Yes, the existence of and Tallera's membership in a Vulcan isolationist movement would have deprived Vulcan intelligence of the knowledge of a "Vulcan operative" on the mercenary ship; however, even if she was a Vulcan member of a 'Vulcan isolationist movement', she still would have known of the weakness of the psionic resonator, as described in the three glyphs on the Stone of Gol. The purported existence of a 'Vulcan isolationist movement' probably a ruse, or at best was immaterial to Tallera's involvement in the endeavor. Vulcan history had already proved how to counteract the psionic resonator, and even the political development of a an isolationist movement cannot deny the reality of fact of Vulcan history and experience, even under a pathetic, misguided attempt to revise it. ProfessorTrek 05:18, July 8, 2011 (UTC)

It does stand to reason that Romulans possess some kind of latent telepathic ability, as an "offshoot" of Vulcans--as a species of Vulcanoids. The humanoid phenotype that defines the presence of telepathic ability is a Betazoidesque paracortex. It stands to reason that Romulans would have a differently developed one, as demonstrated by Lwaxana's ability to telepathy with certain other humanoid species, but Deanna's lesser ability, as a Betazoid-Human hybrid, the paracortex being unknown to Human anatomy and physiology. Remember, even as a "mere empath", Deanna, notwithstanding, developed true telepathy with her Imzadi, Riker. She is capable of telepathy as facile as Lwaxana; it's just that it's more difficult for her to do so, and it is the intensity of her feeling for Riker that makes telepathy with him easiest for her. It's likely that Tuvokian Vulcan methods would benefit her, and allow her to develop true telepathy, as they did for Kes. ProfessorTrek 05:18, July 8, 2011 (UTC)

Lets clear this up:

"T'Paal was a Vulcan female who in 2369 posed as a Romulan mercenary (named Tallera) to infiltrate Arctus Baran's raider in an attempt to obtain all the pieces of the Stone of Gol. "

Darkseid253 16:57, July 8, 2011 (UTC)

At this time there is no evidence suggest that Romulans have telepathic abillities. However in STAR TREK ENTERPRISE it is stated that Mind melds are a Taboo. This suggests that a Minority of the vulcans actually practice telepathy in that era. It is likely that the Romulans still carry that ethic and considering that paranoia is quite in high in their society, reading minds is the last thing they want to practice

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