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Q:What about ex-drones? If one was assimilated and was apart of the Borg Collective for say 100 years would the former drone experience some aging or would it be like stasis essentially adding 100 years to their age but having no other side effects.

I would guess that Borg nanoprobes stop or slow down the aging process. Twenty years passed between Magnus Hansen's appearances in 'The Raven' and 'Dark Frontier,' and he did not appear to age much at all.


Seven was assimilated as a child, and is twentysomething by the time she's liberated by Voyager. It stands to reason that a drone ages at least until it can be useful to the Collective.

The cannon makes references to Borg drone age accelleration.

  • Growing is not the same thing as aging. The age acceleration mentioned on the show is in reference to babies and children maturing faster, not adults aging.

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