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yes, quark charged latinum for his drinks, and just about everything else he could. Starfleet personnel, however had a line of credit with him, as stipulated by his agreement with Sisko.

Why would anyone pay money for drinks when they could get some from the replicators for free?

Maybe for the service and that replicators couldn't reproduce certain drinks and speciality foods.

In addition I doubt that starfleet would allow its officers to replicate alcoholic beverages. Not to mention the fact that not everyone aboard the station is starfleet anyway.

Replicator and Holosuite services were probably provided on credit to Starfleet personnel as a courtesy (including Major Kira, since she seemed to have been integrated directly into Sisko's command); all others, however, had to pay cash--er, latinum. ProfessorTrek 05:13, July 29, 2011 (UTC)

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