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Around 1000 max.


180When Voyager left Deep Space 9 it had a crew of 141, and for the rest of the journey home operated with a crew of around 150. However, Memory Alpha states that an Intrepid-class has an average crew of about 140.during caretaker, lieutenant Stadi states that the crew complement of voyager is 141. Although, during the course of the series, after the maquis joined the crew, that number changed to around 146. No one knows the standard crew complement of a intrepid-class other than voyager


The ship's standard complement was about 150. The emergency capacity of the ship appeared to be five to ten times that.Voyager had 141 crew members at the beginning of her mission and 152 crew members after the first year in the Delta Quadrant. Intrepid-class ships are said to require a minimum crew of 100, a normal crew of 150, and a maximum crew of 200. After 200, the number of people just get in the way more than they can help. It could likely transport hundreds of people, just like the Enterprise-D was a troop transport as well as a battle ship that could transport 5,000 soldiers. An Intrepid-class star ship could likely transport a thousand people over a short distance, if they made makeshift housing.