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Actual development of warp drive, moving beyond the speed of light, is theoretically impossible, as I understand physics. Star Trek sidestepped around the physics of the issue in its use of Warp Drive by creating subspace. A domain that overlays the entire galaxy. Warp Drive creates a warp field, that allows a ship to move thru subspace (which is occupied at the same time by normal space). Faster than light travel occurs in subspace, where the "physics" are a bit different, and capable of manipulations that normal space just is not capable of. Without a warp field, as you approach C (the speed of light) you will experience time-dialation effects, where minutes lived at say .99x the speed of light would equate to hours, days, weeks, maybe even years of time passing for those not accelerated. Hope this helps answer some of your questions :^)

In reality the scientific community has at no point conclusively declared FTL travel impossible. The matter is entirely up to debate, there are scientist who will say it is possible and others who will say it is not. However since thee question was reffering to whether creating warp drive not the possibility of faster than light travel I would say yes it is possible. The warp drive itself uses a matter (deuterium "heavy water") and antimatter annihilation reaction tempered by dilithium crystals. Since deuterium isn't particularly hard to find, we can synthesize small quantities of antimatter the only real problem would be finding a material to preform like the dilithium and another material to house the core itself.

So theoretically yes we could develop a fusion reactor similar to a warp drive, but in reality the fact that we have yet to master nuclear energy we would be unable to harness this technology with any real sucess.

Darkseid253 17:14, June 30, 2011 (UTC)


you're confusing the Warp Core with the warp drive. the core itself is a reletivly simple Matter/Antimatter annihiation reactor, which is technically feasable and well grounded in modern science. Warp drive is the actual propulsion system housed in the engine nacelles, this is the part that actually gives it the term "warp" as the drive would theoretically warp space-time through an extra dimension known as subspace, allowing the vessel to travel faster than the speed of light without violating the theory of reletivity by actually going faster than the speed of light. as Darkseid said, the scientific community is divided on this issue.Cpthunt 23:19, June 30, 2011 (UTC)


Kitface 23:51, June 30, 2011 (UTC): Also, the problem doesn't lie in how we would power such a device, but how we would achieve the 'warping' of space (as that is what allows for the FTL travel - space is being compressed at the front of the ship and then expanded at the back, the ship itself doesn't actually move; the rest of space does).

Actually generating a "warp field" that can manipulate space-time, and a greater understanding of the dimensions of space-time, and we would simply need inovations to invent it. We would also need a way to get all of the energy from the matter-antimatter reaction, a crystal or device like dilitium.

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